Salmon Left Home!

A coho smolt is released into Hoy Creek

A coho smolt is released into Hoy Creek

And they're gone!

Thanks to everyone who came by to make our Salmon Leave Home event on May 3rd such a success. As one of our volunteer's said, "The day was fantastic, starting with the good weather, the activities, and people just kept on coming and nobody seem to want to leave (not even some of the fish)."

A big THANKS to Joyelle Brandt for wonderful musical entertainment; and the CKPM FM 98.7 team (Socha and Duff) with the Morrey Nissan Community Cruiser for their most generous support; and last but not least the Gleneagle Secondary Talons for the fabulous gardening activities!

The Hoy / Scott Creek Watershed Society's annual Salmon Leave Home event was held on May 3rd to celebrate the release of our coho smolts. Families came out to help release our smolts to the creek so they can begin their journey to the ocean: Hoy Creek → Scott Creek → Coquitlam River → Fraser River → Strait of Georgia / Pacific Ocean!

Our rearing pond will now be cleaned and will become home to our matured 5500 coho fry for the next year.