Hoy-Scott Watershed Society removes community debris from Scott Creek

Hoy-Scott Creek Society members stand with some of the debris pulled from Scott Creek
(Photo: Ed Paulino)

Volunteer members of the Hoy-Scott Watershed Society took to Scott Creek on Saturday, August 22nd to remove debris in-stream. This work is reserved for late summer, the best time to ensure fish are not being disturbed.

The area covered was between Lansdowne Drive and Barnet Highway. The most littered area was near Runnel Drive close to the Value Village.

Items found in stream were a patio table and umbrella, a computer, bike, blanket, pillow, ironing board, old clothes, window blinds, shoes, a crock pot, and lots of bottles and cans.

A very rusty fire extinguisher was also found. Most of the garbage picked up on the first part of the creek were plastic containers from Starbucks, Burger King and McDonalds.

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As the team crossed Runnel southward they found a bicycle, a grocery cart, a garden table, and a big pile of black turf decaying under the brush.. Also a computer back up power supply battery.

"The commercial area definitely had more garbage," noted one Society member.  "Patrons of McDonalds,  would later dump their bags in the bush, and it ends up in the creek.  Household items and clothes, perhaps planned to donate to Value Village,  were left across the street in the bushes.  It's sad to see the garbage, even a small cigarette end up in the creek."

The community is reminded to use receptacles for their trash, and drop larger items at the proper depot facilities, or contact the City for disposal of larger items. We all need to be reminded and mindful that these varied types of debris can pollute our streams, which are vital habitats and spawning grounds for fish.

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