Hoy-Scott Watershed Society Exhibits at Scouts Jamboree

HSWS volunteer, Nathen explains the life cycle of the salmon to local scouts (Photo: Ed Paulino)

Hoy-Scott Watershed Society volunteers were out atthe Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) event on Saturday, May 14th held at Belcarra Park for the Scouting Community in the Tri-City area.

The Society hosted a station and exhibit featuring information on the life-cycle of the salmon, the work the society does in the watershed, as well as exhibited coho fry and lamprey and other crustaceans found in the creeks.

Approximately 600 youth and adults with some 30 volunteers from Scouts Canada, 40th Baden-Powell Guild, Metro Parks, Coquitlam River Watch, Geocaching BC, ASBC and LNT with NOLS certified instructors attend.

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HSWS volunteer, Dulce stands behind the exhibit of crustaceans (in tanks) found in Hoy Creek.  (Photo: Ed Paulino)