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Hatchery Manager Internship / Assistant Hatchery Manager Position Available

Hoy Creek Hatchery is located east of Douglas College David Lam campus in Coquitlam, along Hoy Trail.

Hoy Creek Hatchery is located east of Douglas College David Lam campus in Coquitlam, along Hoy Trail.

Hoy-Scott Watershed Society in Coquitlam, B.C. has an internship opening for a fish hatchery manager.

The individual will work with current hatchery manager, Rodney Lee as an assistant in managing the hatchery. No previous experience is needed.  This role will act as the manager's backup, and will train in all aspects of managing the hatchery including brood stock collection, egg takes, equipment operation and maintenance, egg incubation and caring for the alevins and fry. 

Interested persons should provide a brief essay stating your interest, previous experience (if any) and why you'd like this role. 

Time commitment: Late September to end June.  Hours vary but would typically require at least 3 hours every Saturday morning through the season.  This commitment will coincide with our season where we capture broodstock all the way through until the fry are marked (adipose clipped) and can be transferred across to the rearing pond.  The commitment ends with season ending equipment cleaning.

Communication: Needs to be available by cell phone and text message as a primary means of communication.  Email is secondary.

What will the intern do?:
- Learn how the hatchery operates
- Learn how to start-up and maintain equipment
- Learn about salmon and primarily the 2 species we will be incubating - Chum and Coho
- Learn about and conduct the egg take and fertilization process.
- Learn about and maintain biosecurity protocol for the facility.
- Assist with weekly and season maintenance activities
- Assist with the care and feeding of all generations of fish
- Assist with fish length and weight sampling including started fish health calculations
- Assist with taking water quality measurements
- Assist with operation of the rearing pond including the operation of the lower pond and outlet weir.
- Learn about aquaculture in the context of the Salmon Enhancement Program through Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
- Assist with planning and execution of fish marking (adipose clipping).
- Assist with transport and release of surplus Coho fry to Upper Hoy and Upper Scott if necessary.
- Help with riparian restoration by removing invasive plants (maintain sites that have been recently restored) - optional.
- Assist at our public events: Salmon Come Home (October); Salmon Leave Home (May)
- Act as the backup for Rodney in terms of managing the hatchery once trained.

Please email Rodney Lee with questions or to state your interest in this role:

Hoy-Scott Watershed Society (HSWS) is a volunteer run non-profit society that operates a small salmon hatchery beside Hoy Creek, and conducts a salmon enhancement program in partnership with the City of Coquitlam, and with technical expertise from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The group stewards the Hoy and Scott Watersheds, promoting public awareness and education, and is involved in watershed habitat restoration and preservation.  Learn more at our website: